Anthropologist Sibel Kusimba has conducted anthropological and archaeological fieldwork in Kenya on topics ranging from inter-ethnic cooperation, to leadership, to environmental change, to the origins of trade. Her recent work examines the impact of digital money and digital finance in Kenya. She conducted research on mobile money in Kenya in 2012- 2017, and she has garnered numerous grants, including three National Science Foundation Grants, one of which was an REU grant in 2007-2008 to support an NSF undergraduate research site in Kenya; three grants through The Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion (IMTFI) in 2012, 2014, and 2015; and two year-long Fulbright appointments through the US Department of State to Kenya.  Her book, African Foragers, was named an outstanding academic book by the American Library Association. Her mobile money research conducted with funding from IMTFI is published in the peer-reviewed journals Information Technology in International Development, The African Studies Review, and Economic Anthropology. Dr. Kusimba’s work is featured in an IMTFI video, a webinar Wednesday through the American Anthropological Association, and a webinar she co-presented with founders of the M-Pesa crowdfunding platform M-Changa. She has also spoken to The East African,  The Voice of America, and Business Daily Africa about mobile money in Kenya and her research has been featured in Next Billion.