Videos and Podcasts

2022 Talk at Michigan State University: Crowdfunding Care in COVID Nairobi:

2022 Podcast with Jenny Huberman for Mergers and Acquisitions, the Society for Economic Anthropology podcast:

2021 Podcast Money on the Left: Episode 36: Kenya in the Digital Finance Revolution with Sibel Kusimba. Thanks so much to @Moneyontheleft for the conversation.

2018 Podcast  on Mobile Money in Kenya with The Human Show.

A seven-minute video ideal for classroom use created by Steve McCord and the Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion at the University of California, Irvine:

This longer video webinar was sponsored by the American Anthropological Association.  It looks more in depth at how social network analysis can be used in studying mobile money transfer in Kenya:

Here is an interview with Jackson Muneza M’vunganyi of the Voice of America, and broadcast on Upfront Africa:

A 2021 book talk on Reimagining Money: Kenya in the Digital Finance Revolution

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