Recent Publications

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Visualizing Dignity and Debt

2021    Kusimba, S. Reimagining Money: Kenya in the Digital Finance Revolution. Stanford University Press.

2020   Kusimba, S. “Embodied Value: Wealth-in-People.”  Economic Anthropology 7(2):166-175. Special Issue Theme: Wealth-in-People.

2019   Remittances. In Digital Finance in Africa’s Future. Proceedings of an international Colloquium held in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 22—26 October 2018. Organized by the Human Economy Research Programme at the University of Pretoria and the Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study (JIAS), in association with Disrupting Africa. Edited by John Sharp, Lena Gronbach and Riaan de Villiers. University of Pretoria, South Africa, pp. 42-48.

2019   Sibel Kusimba and Changa Labs, M-Changa, Busara Center for Behavioral Economics. Understanding Digital Fundraising in Kenya: A Case Study of M-Changa. Nairobi, Kenya.

2018     Kusimba, S. It is Easy for Women to Ask: Gender and Digital Finance in Kenya. Economic Anthropology 5(2):247-260. Special Issue Theme: Financialization.

2018   Kusimba, S. Money, Mobile Money and Ritual In Western Kenya: The Contingency Fund and the Thirteenth Cow. African Studies Review 61(2):158-182. Special Issue Theme: Post-Colonial and Contemporary Kenya.

2018    Kusimba, S., Gabriel Kunyu, and Elizabeth Gross. “Social Networks of Mobile Money in Kenya.” In Money at the Margins: Global Perspectives on Technology, Financial Inclusion, and Design, edited by B. Maurer, S. Musaraj, and I. Small. Berghahn Books, London, pp. 179-199.

2016     Kusimba, S.B., Y. Yang, and N. Chawla. Hearthholds of Mobile Money in Western Kenya. Economic Anthropology 3(2):266-279. Special issue theme: Technology.

2015    Kusimba, S. B., Y. Yang, and N. Chawla. Family Networks of Mobile Money in Kenya. Information Technology in International Development 11(3):1-21.

2016      Kusimba, S., G. Kunyu, and D. Mark. Women, Social Capital, and Financial Inclusion: Linking Customer Data with Ethnographic Perspectives. IMTFI Blog, August 9.

2016      Kusimba, S. “An American in Kenya.” In Distant Mirrors: America as a Foreign Culture, edited by Philip DeVita. Fourth Edition. Waveland Press, Long Grove, IL.

2015       Kusimba, S., G. Kunyu, and A. Wanyama. The Contingency Fund and the Thirteenth Cow, Part 1. IMTFI Blog, July 13.

2015      Kusimba, S., G. Kunyu, and A. Wanyama. The Contingency Fund and the Thirteenth Cow, Part 2. IMTFI Blog, July 18.

2015      Kusimba, S. Interactive Webinar Recap with Professor Kusimba and M-changa. IMTFI Blog, March 26.

2015      Kusimba, S. Two New Videos about Networks and Mobile Money in Western Kenya.IMTFI Blog, April 13.

2013      Kusimba, S. Grandmothers as Mobile Money Brokers in Western Kenya. IMTFI Blog, Nov. 11.

2013      Kusimba, S., Harpieth Chaggar, Elizabeth Gross, and Gabriel Kunyu. Social Networks of Mobile Money in Kenya. Working Paper, Institute for Money, Technology, and Financial Inclusion, University of California at Irvine.

Recent Publications – Archaeology

2018   Kusimba, C. M., Sloan R Williams, Janet Monge, Mohamed Mchula, Rahul Oka, Gilbert Oteyo, Sibel Kusimba, and Laure Dussubieux. “Mtwapa.” In The Swahili World, edited by Stephanie Wynne-Jones and Adria LaViolette, Routledge, London, pp 226-230.

2018   Kusimba, C. and Kusimba, S. “Mosaics.” In The Swahili World, edited by Stephanie Wynne-Jones and Adria LaViolette. Routledge, London, pp. 403-418.

2018    Kusimba, C., R. Oka, V. Gogte, L. Dussubieux, and S. Kusimba. “Predatory Commerce and Economic Disaster: A Cautionary Tale from the Seventeenth-Century Indian Ocean Economy.” In Africa and its Diaspora: History, Identity, and Economy, edited by Samuel Oloruntoba. Panafrican University Press, Austin, Texas, pp. 89-102.

2017    Kusimba, C. M. and S. B. Kusimba. “Preindustrial Water Management in Eastern Africa.” Journal of Global Archaeology and Anthropology. 1(2):1-13.

2017    Kusimba, C., and Kusimba, S. “Trade and State Formation on the Ancient East African Coast and Southern Zambezia.” In Feast, Famine, or Fighting: Multiple Pathways to Social Complexity, ed. R. Chacon and R. Mendoza. Springer, New York, pp. 61-90.